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111 Adv Level 90 Prod Level Account - 50 mil Adv XP & 16 mil Craft XP pooled + Taxed PA Row Deed

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$1, 250.00 $900.00


Account 110 Adv level 90 Producer level + Taxed PA Row Deed
This is my alt account I use for mining and ranged combat. The in game name is 'Wangrlar'.
It features 44 GMs focusing heavily on Ranged & Air specialisation with strong life skills.
There are some very high level skills Including: 140 lvl Ranged combat 120 lvl Mining Met collect 120 lvl Mining Swift gather
A large pool has been accrued with 47 mil adventure XP & 16 mil crafting XP banked ready for you to spend.
The package includes a taxed place anywhere row lot deed.
Also includes mining gear with air attunement for fast movement & life attunement healing dps set of gear great for Upper Tears and killing undead.
This is originally a basic $39 account and the account is not and has never been steam linked.
Updated screenshots of levels and banked XP will be provided as I'm still actively playing the character.
Happy to transfer the account via a trusted third party.
Name changes are available through the official Shroud of the Avatar website addon store for $25.
While most deliveries are made within the hour, please allow up to 12 hours for delivery in game. Contact me at 'Dread Pirate#7132' on Discord any time to check your order status or ask a question.



Account 110 Adv level 90 Producer level + Taxed PA Row Deed

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Price: $1, 250.00 $900.00
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