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Outdoor Decorations

Fire Elemental Statue
Product ID : V222-product-3328
Items in stock: 4
Decorate your home or lot with this epic Fire Elemental Statue. With coursing...
Dark Stone Spiked Castle Walls Mega set!
Product ID : V22-product-2699
Items in stock: 1
$500.00 $350.00
This mega set includes 4 sets of the Dark Stone Spiked Castle walls and 1 Set...
Stone Dragon Statue Set (Includes All 3)
Product ID : V183-product-2590
Items in stock: 1
Construction set
Product ID : V93-product-2504
$20.00 $15.00
Out Of Stock
A complete Construction set (1 Crane, 2 Barricade, 2 Ropes, 1 Planks, 2...
Mega Black ICE Building Block SET
Product ID : V93-product-2446
Items in stock: 1
$49.00 $15.00
The Black Ice Quarry is open for a short time This pack is for a complete...
Ornate Moondial
Product ID : V93-product-2013
Items in stock: 1
$30.00 $25.00
A special in-game home, lot, and POT decoration that simulates the positions...
Small Adobe Dome
Product ID : V93-product-1909
Items in stock: 1
$30.00 $5.00
Small Adobe home place any ware on your lot. rare telethon reward
RARE Mardi Gras Fountain
Product ID : V93-product-1659
Items in stock: 1
$30.00 $10.00
RARE R50 telethon reward A great party fountain
RARE Ice Elemental Statue
Product ID : V93-product-1642
Items in stock: 1
$25.00 $10.00
A Rare and cool looking Ice statue which adds a Cool look to your lot with...
RARE Snowdragon
Product ID : V93-product-1607
Items in stock: 1
$25.00 $10.00
an R49 Telethon reward a cool addition to any snow person set a fearsome...
Product ID : V93-product-1606
Items in stock: 1
a RARE item awarded at the R48 Telethon A cool or maybe Hot Tub or rest your...
Original Battle Banner (expired)
Product ID : V22-product-1528
Items in stock: 2
This individual Battle Banner toggles between red and blue states when...
Hot Air Balloon
Product ID : V22-product-1527
Items in stock: 1
$250.00 $150.00
Be the envy of your neighbors with this Hot Air Balloon anchored in your...
Large spooky fountain
Product ID : V93-product-1426
Items in stock: 1
$20.00 $10.00
a Large spooky fountain can be used as a water source
2015 Ornate Snow Family
Product ID : V22-product-1370
Items in stock: 2
Complete your winter holiday yard decorations with the entire Ornate...
2015 4-Story Yule Tree
Product ID : V22-product-1362
Items in stock: 2
Make a bold statement with this beautifully decorated 4-story Yule Tree!...
2016 Grim Reaper Statue
Product ID : V22-product-1285
Items in stock: 2
$45.00 $45.00
2016 Grim Reaper Statue (digital)
10 Pack of Benefactor Expert Crafting Stations (bagged)
Product ID : V43-product-1281
Items in stock: 1
$900.00 $720.00
These Benefactor Expert crafting stations were given to the now expired...
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