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Pledge Rewards

16 Obsidian Potion Rewards
Product ID : V329-product-3186
Items in stock: 1
Sword of Midras Library Dungeon Room
Product ID : V329-product-3183
Items in stock: 1
$150.00 $100.00
Lord of the Manor Crown
Product ID : V329-product-3181
Items in stock: 1
$550.00 $350.00
Knight Benefactor Village Home
Product ID : V134-product-3060
Items in stock: 1
$50.00 $35.00
Knight Benefactor Village home - 2 Story Stone Keep with Roock Deck This...
Dragon Mask Set (Pledge Reward)
Product ID : V134-product-3036
Items in stock: 1
$6.00 $5.00
Dragon Mask Set includes 3 masks - Red, Green, and Purple These are a pledge...
Shroud Of The Avatar Painting
Product ID : V222-product-2925
Items in stock: 1
$25.00 $20.00
Founder backers who pledge at the Virtual Collector or higher receive the box...
Founder's Two-Handed Axe
Product ID : V222-product-2920
Items in stock: 2
$7.50 $5.00
Founder's Two-handed Axe is a two-handed axe that displays the exclusive...
Heart shaped spear
Product ID : V93-product-2790
Items in stock: 1
A formidable polearm weapon that can cut into the heart of your enemies. can...
Heart Top Hat
Product ID : V93-product-2788
Items in stock: 1
show your love to the world with this fetching top hat with a loving heart...
Baron Benefactor Bed
Product ID : V183-product-2613
Items in stock: 1
Baron Founder Bed
Product ID : V183-product-2612
Items in stock: 1
Benefactor's Lord Throne
Product ID : V183-product-2594
Items in stock: 1
Founder's Lord Throne
Product ID : V183-product-2593
Items in stock: 1
Lord Marshal Benefactor Throne
Product ID : V183-product-2592
Items in stock: 1
Lord Marshal Founder Throne
Product ID : V183-product-2591
Items in stock: 1
Noble's Magical Discourse Orb
Product ID : V183-product-2588
Items in stock: 1
Royal Orb
Product ID : V183-product-2587
Items in stock: 1
Artisan Tool
Product ID : V183-product-2585
Items in stock: 8
Plain Carnival Mask
Product ID : V153-product-2583
Items in stock: 1
The Plain Carnival Mask is a one-time pledge rare. The best thing, it is...
Non-Combat Clockwork Pet Reward
Product ID : V153-product-2581
Items in stock: 1
This is a one-time rare that allows you to choose one of three non-combat...
Non-Combat Pet Reward
Product ID : V153-product-2580
Items in stock: 1
This is a one-time rare that allows you to choose one of three non-combat...
Fyndoro's Tablet Of Finding
Product ID : V183-product-2573
Items in stock: 1
Knight Marshal's Winged Helm
Product ID : V183-product-2569
Items in stock: 1
New Britannia Globe
Product ID : V153-product-2564
Items in stock: 1
This globe is a rare decoration obtained via pledge rewards. This home...
Obsidian Potion Reward
Product ID : V179-product-2528
Items in stock: 12
Product ID : V175-product-2445
Items in stock: 1
$3, 000.00 $2, 000.00
Tax Free City Lot Deed (PA)
Product ID : V22-product-2074
Items in stock: 1
$2, 500.00 $1, 800.00
This beautiful Tax Free City Lot deed is placable in a POT, PRT, or npc town...
Product ID : V158-product-2044
Items in stock: 1
Founder's Vanduul Polearm
Product ID : V153-product-2032
Items in stock: 1
The Founder's Vanduul Polearm is a unique Star Citizen weapon, included as an...
Citizen Founder (Village Water Home)
Product ID : V153-product-2016
Items in stock: 1
$40.00 $15.00
This unique waterfront Citizen Village Waterfront Cabana was given to...
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