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Oracle Cloak
Product ID : V84-product-1102
Items in stock: 1
$65.00 $60.00
Although the influence of the Oracle has waxed and waned over the many years...
Snowflake Cloak
Product ID : V22-product-1039
Items in stock: 4
This rare snowflake cloak was only available to contributors to the Wonderous...
Baron Cloak
Product ID : V22-product-964
Items in stock: 1
Cloak came with the Baron pledge, there about 250 of these in existence.
Ancestor Cloak
Product ID : V50-product-768
Items in stock: 1
$65.00 $55.00
This Ancestor's Cloak is one of the a reward of the Ancestor Pledge tier,...
Knight's Cloak
Product ID : V50-product-727
Items in stock: 1
$75.00 $55.00
Darkstarr Cloak
Product ID : V50-product-725
Items in stock: 1
$75.00 $55.00
Elven Cloak (Former stretch goal)
Product ID : V46-Cloak
Items in stock: 1
$85.00 $65.00
Elven Cloak (Former stretch goal) The Stretch Store description was: A...
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