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Non-combat Pets

White Turkey
Product ID : V22-product-1368
Items in stock: 3
This White Turkey is a non-combat pet that can follow you wherever you go....
Tamed Pet: Sheep
Product ID : V81-product-1205
Items in stock: 8
Tamed Pet: Sheep
Giant Dragonfly Pet
Product ID : V22-product-1042
Items in stock: 3
This Giant Pet Dragonfly Pet was awarded to those that contributed to the...
Giant Butterfly Pet
Product ID : V22-product-1041
Items in stock: 5
This Giant Butterfly Pet is still in its bag. It was a reward for...
Brindle Greyhound
Product ID : V46-Brindle
Items in stock: 1
$100.00 $80.00
Rare Brindle Greyhound (no longer in store)
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