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Clothing Sets

Torn and Tattered wedding Bundle
Product ID : V63-product-3287
Items in stock: 1
$20.00 $15.00
Torn and Tattered wedding Bundle, including wedding dress and tuxedo
Nightmare Mount
Product ID : V153-product-1990
Items in stock: 1
$180.00 $110.00
The "Mount" consists of: -a pair of flaming black coconuts that leave a...
RARE Torn and Tattered Wedding Tuxedo
Product ID : V93-product-1587
Items in stock: 1
$25.00 $10.00
a rare reward from the R46 Telethon
Yule Velvet Bodice Ensemble
Product ID : V24-product-1582
Items in stock: 1
This elegant Yule Velvet Bodice ensemble, including: 1 ea Yule Short...
RARE Torn and Tattered Weeding Dress Set
Product ID : V93-product-1536
Items in stock: 1
$25.00 $10.00
The Torn & Tattered Wedding Dress set for that blo*dy wedding
clockwork Lord British Battle pattern pack
Product ID : V93-product-1534
Items in stock: 1
$30.00 $20.00
a pattern pack set to make your amazing but boring plate armour, short sword...
1 complete Ornate Kimono Pattern set
Product ID : V93-product-1523
Items in stock: 1
$10.00 $7.00
Get a pack of patterns to make your clothing look like this rare and elegant...
2015 Yule Velvet Bodice Ensemble
Product ID : V22-product-1358
Items in stock: 3
Celebrate the winter holidays in style with this elegant Yule Velvet Bodice...
Virtue Aeronaut Outfit
Product ID : V24-product-1239
Items in stock: 3
$30.00 $20.00
Virtue Aeronaut Outfit Telethon Reward Includes: Virtue Aeronaut Boots...
Product ID : V24-product-1237
Items in stock: 1
$25.00 $15.00
Autumn Fairy Outfit includes 5 Items
Autumn Leaf Crown
Benefactor's Cloth Tunic
Product ID : V74-product-995
Items in stock: 1
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