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Shogun Wall Set

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Close off your home property with this beautiful Shogun style Castle class wall set! Includes the following segments: 5 straight walls w/ladder 5 straight walls 4 corner walls 2 corner with tower walls w/ladder 2 straight with tower walls w/ladder 1 short gated wall 1 long gated wall 8 wedge walls 2 left junction walls 2 right junction walls 4 inward corner walls 2 inward corner with tower walls w/ladder 2 stairs left 2 stairs right



The minimum segments needed to completely enclose various lots are: Town: 1 short gate, 4 corners, 5 straights City: 1 long gate, 4 corners, 10 straights Keep: 1 long gate, 4 corners, 18 straights Castle: 1 long gate, 4 corners, 30 straights (NOTE: Some wall segments can be placed on a Village lot, but you will need a Town Property (or larger), or a Dynamic Player Owned Town, to construct a completely enclosed wall perimeter; The dimensions and quantity of the pieces included in this wall set are subject to change prior to final launch based on game balancing needs)

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