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Maze Ticket and win 100,000 game gold

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After purchasing maze ticket, you will be granted guest access to a keep lot sized maze. (Note: Please allow time for Sator Faryn to grant access within 24 hrs after ticket is purchased. He has a day job. He tends to grant access between 7pm and 11 pm Eastern times.) The maze is located in the player owned town the Haunted Keep of Solania just north of Ardoris and is nested in the town of Solania. This is an open PvP town but seldom has anyone visit. You will have 48 hrs. after access is granted to solve the maze. Proof maze was solved is achieved by buying a dagger (12 game gold) from the vendor "Keeper of the Prizes" located at the end of the maze. The dagger should then be mailed in game to Sator Faryn. For your convenience, two mail boxes can be found near the maze entrance. Once Sator Faryn receives family dagger the player mailing the dagger will receive 100,000 game gold.



Buy maze ticket and win 100,000 game gold after completing the maze. Details in the product description. NEW! Maze stocked with 400 gold crown of the obsidians in hidden public chests!

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