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Eve Midnight Avatar for Sale

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$2, 750.00 $2, 500.00


Adventure level 115 avatar for sale, Tax free Village lot (at Wizards Rest) with Observatory home and basement (arena and 5 story), Properity tools, Vast amount of player created gear and weapons, Fireworks, Tamed pets, Episode 2 access, copious amounts of crafting materials; way too many items to be able to list. 23m Pooled Experience, All innate skills at level 100, Please leave offer below and ingame name so I can add you to Village lot and you can see for yourself. https://imgur.com/gallery/a1WE4ek



Player account for sale, Adv LVL 115, Producer Lvl 82, 127 GM's Includes Tax Free Village Lot, 125 Point Dungeon and many many items and artifacts

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Vendor: Eve Midnight
Product ID: V173-product-2411
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Price: $2, 750.00 $2, 500.00
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