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::SALE:: Tax Free Player Owned Town Village Lot Property Deed (digital)

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The TAX FREE Player Owned Town Village Property Deed can only be used to claim a land-based Village (or Row) lot in a Player Owned Town. Village lots measure 20 x 30 meters. **WARNING**: This Player Owned Town Property Deed can only be used to claim a lot in a Player Owned Town, and cannot claim a lot outside of Player Owned Towns. If you do not own a Player Owned Town, then we strongly recommend you get advance permission from a Player Owned Town owner to claim a lot in their town prior to purchasing this property deed. (NOTE: The house shown in image is for reference only and is not included with the property deed) There are many benefits to being a property owner in SotA, including: Having a permanent residence, a place to put down roots, to hang your helmet, to decorate to your taste, to invite your friends over to hang out. Provides a location for you to have a vendor to sell your wares. Provides a location to set up private crafting stations, saving you the trouble of visiting public crafting stations to produce your wares. Plant your own gardens to grow whatever you need. Dramatically increases your storage space. Your house can be filled with decorations, and you can place chests at your house to expand your player inventory. There is a finite amount of land in SotA, and the available property deeds are going fast. If you purchase your Player Owned Town Village Lot Property Deed through the Add-On Store, you will have lot placement priority over everyone else that waits until SotA launches before they purchase a property deed. (NOTE: Player Owned Town Village Lot Property Deeds will not be exclusive to the Add-On Store, and may also be available in the game. Player Owned Town Village Lot Property Deeds purchased through the Add-On Store will have an in-game currency tax that must be paid monthly or the lot reverts to being for sale and the Lot Deed is returned to the owner. Backers at Ancestor pledge level and above already have one tax exempt Lot Deed as a pledge reward. All lot deeds are transferable between players. See Final Wipe and Lot Selection post for lot selection priority.)

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