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Custom Hand Drawn Blazon or Avatar

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How your Blazon is displayed in game Heraldry ExamplePLEASE view this forum thread or this forum post to see examples of how Blazons are applied to items in-game Your blazon will be rendered in the center of the Banner, Shield or Tabard that it is applied to. See example on the right This is an example of an acceptable image; It contains a heraldic theme, and it is also an image with no copyright There are two ways to input a Blazon You may upload an image you created yourself You may use the Blazon Builder to build an image In order to upload an image Please ensure the image is less than 2MB Please use an acceptable image format (png, gif, jpg), however note that the jpg format does not support transparency, so your heraldry submission will be rendered in-game as a rectangular image with its background color Please ensure that the content of the image complies with terms regarding Portalarium’s usage of the Heraldry Blazon artwork in Shroud of the Avatar below A note on image format We suggest you use an image with a transparent background Your image will automatically be resized to a 256×256 png file If your image is smaller than this, it will be centered on a transparent background How does your Blazon get in-game Upload or Build your Blazon, and then use this form to Submit In-Game Blazon. This will process your submission Once processed, the Blazon must be approved by our moderators before it will show up in game. Visit this page to view your Blazon’s status



You can describe your dream Blazon or send me a photo you want me to recreate. I will deliver you the high resolution adobe files along with the .PNG for you to upload to the game. Please note while I am fine with drawing most offensive things they most likely will not get approved by the moderators. Also I will not create anything racist for you or with any symbols that have a hidden meaning of being racist. I can also hand draw your avatar photo for the forums just send details on what you would like. Message me directly if your interested in me creating some other type of graphics for you

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