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I'm a UO player for over 10 years, now moved on to SotA. All my property I'v come by trough ingame farming or bought it with $ / SC I'v got from sale of ingame property.
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Armeleon's gold and more

Great Vendor - Fast Service.
Thexedor Markhamm
Posted Date:
2016-11-17 07:37:48
Title says it all. Solid vendor, great prices. :)
Happy customer
Posted Date:
2017-07-11 00:39:55
Painless 10 hour time zone transaction. Made the effort to meet ASAP
Great Vendor to work with.
Clay Wagner
Posted Date:
2017-08-09 08:55:36
Let me say that this is an incredible service and I will be a repeat customer. I am a husband, father and work a demanding job so my gaming time is hit and miss. I found myself between a noob but far from advanced where I could solo 5 skull on my own. 4 Skull was way too easy and boring after farming the same instances over and over. This is where this service comes in. While 500k experience in just under 2 hours is great, my advice is taking advantage of his numerous GMs. In under 2 hours time, I was able to take my Healing Touch up 31 levels and Air Embrace 20 levels. This would have taken me weeks on my own. The whole process was incredibly easy. I highly encourage mid level players who have real world time constraints to utilize this service.
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