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R17 Ancestor all Items W/TAX FREE row lot deed

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Selling my off everything I can as a bundle. This is an R17 account. Many collectibles, Rewards (list at bottom) Addons (list at bottom Total over $200). Everything can be seen by visiting my property inside the center palisade of in Brit Fields (row lot with hanging Ivy and Azaleas out front). I will turn over everything that I can. My account is linked to Steam, so I don't believe I can turn over my actual account and character (I will strip the characters also). This will include the entire house and TAX FREE row lot with a 5 story basement. I am selling at a loss or barely breaking even on my initial investment. I will be happy to provide tour if requested. I am on Pacific Standard time. Serious inquiries only please. I will continue to place collectible and rare items on display in residence and basement for your review. Since I am really selling off at a loss I am not putting a lot of work in posting photos of everything. I am open to negotiating a lower price if any of the listed items are non transferable (emotes are non transferable). I haven't played much since the game went in a different direction, so I am not familiar with any possible changes in item transfer changes. If I am able to turn over the entire account (although linked to Steam) I will do so as that is the easiest option for all involved. Rewards Disregard all emotes as they are account bound (unless somehow able to transfer entire Steam linked account) In-game Blazon Submission: Update Heraldry Blazon Name Entry for Rewards: Update Name Release 17. Quest Reward: Fez Release 18 Quest Reward: Bycocket Hat Release 19 Quest Reward: Kobold Commander Mask Release 20 Quest Reward: Chaperon Hat End of Summer 2015 Telethon Reward: Gossamer Cloak End of Summer 2015 Telethon Reward: Nightmare Mount End of Summer 2015 Telethon Reward: Darklamp Release 23 Quest Reward: Plague Doctor Mask Release 24 Quest Reward: Pilgrim Bonnet Release 25 Quest Reward: Nomad Hat Release 26 Quest Reward: Bowler Hat Final-Wipe World Starting Gift: Portable Aether Vibration Amplifier Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: ? and ! Hats Reward Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: Aeronaut Outfit Reward Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: Accordion Reward Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: Mini Automaton Pet Reward Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: Baby Clockwork Dragon Pet Reward Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: Camera Emote with Tin Type Camera Reward Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: Clockwork Armor Reward Flaming Bagpipes with Leather Kilt Reward Summer 2016 Telethon Part 2 Reward: Weather Changing Clockwork Umbrella Reward Firedance Outfit Reward $10M Raised! Reward: Virtue Cloak Spring Telethon 2017 Rewards Summer Telethon 2017 Part 1 Rewards R46 Mini-Telethon Rewards R49 Mini-Telethon Rewards R50 Mini-Telethon Rewards R51 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R52 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R53 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R54 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R56 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R55 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R57 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R58 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R59 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R60 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R61 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R62 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R63 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R64 Postmortem Livestream Rewards R65 Postmortem Livestream Rewards Purchased Add Ons Village Stone Arena Basement (digital ) $22 (claimed in-game) Lord British Cloak (digital) $15 (claimed in-game) Black Foal $20 (claimed in-game) Blue Spruce Tree 6-Pack (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Isabelline Stone 2-Tier Outdoor Fountain (digital) $10 (claimed in-game) Row Stone & Timber 5-Story Basement (digital) $25 (claimed in-game) Rocket Fireworks 45-Piece Portalarium Gift (digital) $0 (claimed in-game) Cinereous Stone 2-Tier Outdoor Pedestal Fountain (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Ornate Long Kilt (digital) $8 (claimed in-game) 2016 Jack-o-Lantern 6-Pack (digital) $10 (claimed in-game) 2016 Jack-o-Lantern Glowing Mask (digital) $10 (claimed in-game) Juggle Knives Emote (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Large Ornate Stone & Wood Fireplace 4-Pack (digital) $15 (claimed in-game) Brown Bycocket Hat (digital) $10 (claimed in-game) Pure White Dye 12-Pack (digital) $8 (claimed in-game) Tabletop Bear Statue (digital) $4 (claimed in-game) Ancient Wall Sculptures Set (digital) $4 (claimed in-game) Tabletop Azalea Bush 3-Pack (digital) $4 (claimed in-game) White Squirrel (digital) $4 (claimed in-game) Tabletop Stone Dragon Statue (digital) $4 (claimed in-game) Lord British Shield (digital) $12 (claimed in-game) Replenishing Confetti Eggs Basket 2017 (digital) $8 (claimed in-game) Ornate Backpack (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Ornate Tabletop Moondial (digital) $10 (claimed in-game) Black & Chrome Ornate Aeronaut Outfit (digital) $12 (claimed in-game) Ornate Wooden Pipe (digital) $4 (claimed in-game) Dragon Handle Maplewood Cane (digital) $8 (claimed in-game) Oak & Glass Display Cabinet (digital) $8 (claimed in-game) Trophy Room Decorator Title (digital) $0 (claimed in-game) Potted Orange Glowing Mushroom 3-Pack (digital) $7 (claimed in-game) 2017 Yule Tree (digital) $10 (claimed in-game) Ornate Hanging Potted Ivy 3-Pack (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Ornate Hanging Potted Azalea 3-Pack (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Bonnet Top Grandfather Clock (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Tabletop Checkers Set (digital) $8 (claimed in-game) 2017 Cornucopia (digital) $10 (claimed in-game) Hand Painted Dark Maple Coffee Table (digital) $5 (claimed in-game) Pure Black Dye 12-Pack (digital) $8 (claimed in-game) Meretz Wellness Cloak (digital) $0 (claimed in-game) Cloth Map Tapestry $7 (claimed in-game) Landscape Tapestries Mega Set $9 (claimed in-game) Replenishing Red Fountain Fireworks Box $7 (claimed in-game) Replenishing Blue Elysium Candle Fireworks Box $7 (claimed in-game) Paintings Mega Set $15 (claimed in-game) One Additional Character Slot $10 (claimed in-game) Heraldry Cloak Eternal Pattern $12 (claimed in-game) Heraldry Rectangle Shield Eternal Pattern $12 (claimed in-game)



Selling off all items as a bundle w/ Tax Free row lot

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