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AL 114, PL 93, GMs 138

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$2, 500.00 $2, 275.00


Adventure level 114, Producer level 93, Grandmasters 138, 35+ million pooled adventure experience, 1 Commission Free Vendor, 1 Edelmann Founder Village Water Home, 1 Tax Free (Place Anywhere) Founder Village Lot Deed (Including water lots), Full set of all 16 Prosperity Tools. Enchantment 112, Weapon Enchantment 101, Armor Enchantment 101, Blacksmithing 108, Blacksmithing Masterwork 110, Masterwork Blade Weapon 112, Masterwork Plate Armor 105, Masterwork Chain Armor 108, Masterwork Shield 100, Bladed Combat 130, Thrust 120, Double Slash 120, Rend 120, Whirling Blades 120, Blade Specialization 101, Offhand Attack 120, Offhand Power 120, and more



This account is perfect for someone who doesnt want to grind years and spend the gold and experience to get there. This is a male avatar with Adventure Level 114, 35+ million pooled adventure experience, Grand Master specialized in Blade and Fire, with 138 Grand Masters. Blacksmithing and Enchanting is where this account shines, with everything Grand Mastered in both trees. When crafting specialization comes out, you will have a variety of crafting skills to choose from, or just respec into what you want. I'm also including a rare Founder's Tax Free PLACE ANYWHERE Village Lot Deed. (Including Water Lots!) A water lot house and a full set of all Prosperity tools, a Commission free vendor. After you purchase the account, you will be given a username and password. You will need to go to the Shroudoftheavatar.com website to change the email to your email. After you have done this, you can then change your password.

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Price: $2, 500.00 $2, 275.00
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