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slipshod shooter sash uncommon
Product ID : V147-product-2949
Items in stock: 1
$15.00 $12.50
+10% rapid fire +10% multi shot -40% scavenger ammo chance
100 troll heads
Product ID : V147-product-2947
Items in stock: 1
$20.00 $14.66
a hundred troll head got kill like 500 troll to get that many head
500,000 Cheap!
Product ID : V187-product-2946
Items in stock: 18
500,000 Gold Cheap!
3,500 Copper Ingots
Product ID : V187-product-2945
Items in stock: 1
3,500 Copper Ingots
Product ID : V187-product-2944
Items in stock: 1
Over 30 Eternal cloaks
Account - 102 Adv Level - 150 Million XP Pool
Product ID : V58-product-2943
Items in stock: 1
$250.00 $200.00
Account - 102 Adv Level - 150 Million XP Pool
4500 Crowns of the Obsidian
Product ID : V226-product-2941
Items in stock: 1
$50.00 $45.00
Tax Free Founder Town Lot Deed
Product ID : V226-product-2940
Items in stock: 1
$1, 000.00 $500.00
Large Fish Statue Set (3 pieces)
Product ID : V222-product-2937
Items in stock: 3
This large fish statues where prizes provided to all players who pledged at...
Skull Cloak
Product ID : V222-product-2936
Items in stock: 1
$20.00 $10.00
This fur collar style cloak is emblazoned with a spooky skull emblem. This...
Prosperity Tool Reward (Bagged)
Product ID : V222-product-2935
Items in stock: 1
Choos from one of the many prosperity tools.
Non-Combat Clockwork Pet Reward
Product ID : V222-product-2934
Items in stock: 1
$15.00 $10.00
Choose from one of the below clockwork pets that also work as an ingame radio...
Non-Combat Pet Reward
Product ID : V222-product-2933
Items in stock: 2
$15.00 $10.00
This is a one-time rare that allows you to choose one of three non-combat...
DarkStarr Telethon Item Pack (15 Items)
Product ID : V222-product-2931
Out Of Stock
DarkSatrr Black Chainmail Set (4 Pieces) DarkStarr Chaos Shield DarkStarr...
Fish Thrones x5 (Release 59 Livestream)
Product ID : V222-product-2930
Items in stock: 1
This is a prize that will be provided to all players who pledged at least $5...
Ornate Elven Planting Beds Set (4 Pieces)
Product ID : V222-product-2929
Items in stock: 2
Spruce up your garden with the Ornate Elven Planting Beds Set! You can use...
Pristine Gothic Mansion (Town Water Home)
Product ID : V222-product-2928
Items in stock: 1
This 3-story, 13 room (plus more hidden rooms) village home is your...
Viking Great Hall (City Home)
Product ID : V222-product-2927
Items in stock: 1
$300.00 $235.00
Live in Viking splendor with this beautiful 4-story, 7-room, city home with a...
Exodus by Helen Garriott
Product ID : V222-product-2926
Items in stock: 1
This in-game portrait item was created as a tribute to Richard Garriott's...
Shroud Of The Avatar Painting
Product ID : V222-product-2925
Items in stock: 1
Founder backers who pledge at the Virtual Collector or higher receive the box...
Baron 2 Founder (City Water Home)
Product ID : V222-product-2924
Items in stock: 1
This Baron City Waterfront Galleon is available as an Founder reward in the...
Royal Founder's and Founder's Plaque Set
Product ID : V222-product-2923
Items in stock: 1
All Founder backers at the Citizen, Edelmann, Knight, Lord, Baron, Duke, and...
Knight Marshal’s Winged Helm
Product ID : V222-product-2922
Out Of Stock
Included in the Knight Marshal pledge is this Winged Helm reward. This...
Founder's Two-Handed Axe
Product ID : V222-product-2920
Items in stock: 2
Founder's Two-handed Axe is a two-handed axe that displays the exclusive...
Teletype - Original DnD1
Product ID : V222-product-2919
Items in stock: 1
With this special teletype you will be able to play Richard Garriott's first...
Shooter Jennings Heraldry Art
Product ID : V222-product-2918
Items in stock: 1
partnering with outlaw country musician Shooter Jennings, and his label Black...
Vintage Blue Velvet w/Nailheads Sofa Set (4 pieces)
Product ID : V222-product-2917
Items in stock: 1
-Vintage Blue Velvet with Nailheads Sofa -Vintage Blue Velvet with Nailheads...
New Brittanian Globe
Product ID : V222-product-2916
Items in stock: 1
This home decoration shows the known world of Novia and Hidden Vale....
Darkstarr Metronome
Product ID : V222-product-2915
Items in stock: 1
In celebration of Starr Long joining the SotA Dev Team, we are memorializing...
Fire Elemental Statue
Product ID : V222-product-2914
Items in stock: 1
Decorate your home or lot with this epic Fire Elemental Statue. With coursing...
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